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Manicure Monday!

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you had a great weekend. I had some nice me time this weekend. .Thanks to the pouring rains;)

Landed up doing a nailart design I wanted to do in a long time. So happy:)


It’s pretty simple. You can choose whichever colors you like. I love teal so choose dark teal and white. You just got to be a little patient. . That’s all it takes for this beautiful design.

Here’s a tip on how to go about doing the paws in the design.


Really simple. . The stripes are easy anyway. The best thing I like about this design is there are no specific shapes or boundaries. The stripes can be anyhow and so can the paws:)

So go for it ladies. .get some heads moving and feel good factor:)

Have a fantastic week ahead


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