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Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick Review

Hey Everyone,

The market is overflowing with liquid lipsticks today – every brand is coming out with their own version of the liquid lipsticks. Some are ahead of  the game whereas some have got the formula all wrong.

I am here to review the most raved liquid lipsticks in the market today from Sugar– their Smudge me not liquid lipsticks .


Sugar has come out with lot of good makeup products recently and they are definitely giving tough competition to veteran brands.

Smudge me not liquid lipsticks were initially launched in 10 shades and recently 10 new shades were added.

They retail at Rs 499 for 4.5 ml of the product on their official website but you can get them at discount during online sales at Nykaa. Though the newer shades are still not showing up on Nykaa’s website but i am sure they would be available anytime soon

This range is promoted as “one swipe wonder” and i cant agree more. These are highly pigmented and you can get full coverage in just one swipe. These dry matte on your lips in about 5 minute after application and don’t feel sticky or heavy on the lips – which is a big plus from my side. Once dried, they have a nice powder finish on the lips which doesn’t look caky or patchy. However, moisturising your lips before application is a must.

These are totally transfer proof, kiss proof and don’t budge once dried. The packaging is a square glass bottle with a flat brush applicator. I love the brush – its easy to draw an outline to the lips with it before filling in and gets easily into the inner corners as well.

FullSizeRender 2

The formula doesn’t  budge at all upon drying. You can check out the wash test video on my Instagram (BeaushionDiva) for your self.

The shade range is pretty good – well balanced light and dark shades. However, I am more of a fan of dark shades so picked up all 4 dark shades. I have bought Brink of Pink, Tan Fan, Teak Mystique and Divine Praline. I love all of them so much!! feel they are best in their respective shade variants and i highly recommend these shades. Obviously i am missing the classic red shade, but i already have it in other brands so refrained from buying it.

FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 19

I like it when companies have names for their shades because its easier to remember that way. But i also love to have the color mentioned in the name itself so that its easy to relate to. Here’s the short colour guide for you

  • Brazen Raisen – Dark Burgundy
  • Brink of Pink – awesome dark pink with mauve undertone. Its brighter than a Fuchsia pink but not like neon pink. A must have pink! looks great on all skin tones
  • Tan Fan – this is not really a nude shade. Its not a light shade either. Its a beautiful brown and pink colour. Looks gorgeous! Again, I highly recommend it. Excellent color for everyday wear.
  • Plum Yum – Its a dark berry shade
  • Rust Lust – This is a reddish shade with drown undertones
  • Tangerine Queen – its an orangish coral shade which i think will look very good on fair skin tones. its not a subtle coral though…its bright
  • Rethink Pink – this is a Fuchsia pink with red undertone. This is lighter than Brink of Pink
  • Wine & Shine – This is their darkest shade. Its a very deep violet berry like shade. It looks a dark shade of purple on drying
  • Suave Mauve – This is a neutral pink shade with purple undertone. It is lighter than Tan Fan
  • Drop Dead Red – a classic bright red. Its a pure red. Doesn’t have maroon undertone.
  • Greige Rage – This is more like a brownish reddish color.
  • Don Fawn – this is a brown shade with yellow undertones. Its a nice neutral brown i would say
  • Wooed by Nude – this is peachy orangish shade
  • Teak Mystique – perfect chocolate brown. Must have shade if you like pure brown color.
  • Blush Rush – Pink shade..not very dark but not light either
  • Bare Flair – Pink with brown undertones
  • Fiery Berry – Dark berry shade
  • Divine Praline – classic dark maroon with pink undertone. Must have!
  • Jet set voilet – Magenta purple shade
  • Cocoa Ammo – chocolate brown but a shade lighter than Teak Mystique

Matte liquid lipsticks can be tricky – some dry out too much on the lips whereas some look caky, some don’t apply well and are sticky/heavy on the lips. Here are some tips that i think may help in working with liquid lipsticks

  • Moisturise your lips first – i cannot stress this enough. If you want nice flawless look of liquid lipsticks, its important that your lips don’t look patchy. You have to understand that you are dealing with a formula that is going to dry out on your lips, so if they are cracked, its going to stick into the cracks and not give an even finish. So, moisturising your lips is a must
  • Use a lip liner – though the flat brush applicator does the trick of outlining the lips well, i prefer using a lip liner first and then going over with the liquid lipstick. It just provides a guideline and i feel it also helps give that plump effect to the lips. I find the lipstick stays in place when you use a lip liner – doesn’t go smearing outside
  • Apply at the bottom lip first – this is a quick drying formula so make sure you apply quickly. Apply at the bottom lip first and then press your lips together so that the excess gets transferred to the top lip before the formula dries off. Then cover the top lip. I feel one stoke is good enough and but if you would like to go for the second coat, apply the nail polish way. The first coat is only to get the lining and bare minimum color on the lip and then go with second coat with more product on the brush for even application
  • Do not touch up – yes, do not touch up the lipstick where you feel it may have faded a bit after meals, it looks patchy. Rather, remove the whole lipstick and reapply all over again. Thats brings the flawless finish again
  • If you have worn the lipstick all day long, don’t forget to remove it at the end of day followed by moisturising your lips. Its a must.

Some drawbacks that i experienced

  • It fades out in the inner corners of the mouth after meals. So if you have meetings post lunch, you may need to reapply it
  • Towards end of the day after nearly 7-8 hours of wearing the product, it leaves powder particles of the lipstick as remains when you wash your face after meals.
  • You may need a sensitive makeup remover to remove the lipstick completely from your lips. But if you have worn it for long hours (7-8 hours) it will come off easily with water as well.

Some suggestions/feedback for Sugar from my end after using this range

  • Consider launching a sheer lip balm/ moisturiser that goes with the your lipstick range as a prerequisite for better results.
  • Launch makeup remover that is not harsh and can be used on lips for removing these highly pigmented lipsticks
  • Along with the color description, share shade swatches in normal light so its easier to pick the shade.

Hope you found this review helpful. Do comment if you have tried any other shade from this range and share your experience as well.



Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Review!

Hey friends,

Off late, i was hunting for some drugstore lipsticks in matte. So, the search began and I reviewed maybelline, loreal and revlon matte lines. They all ranged between 600-800 INR which i thought was reasonable but a bit on the expensive side. So, the quest was on.

To my surprise, i came across Colorbar Lipsticks. They have the widest range of matte shades i have seen! beats the color range of many high end brands. And their price is unbelievable – 250 INR!

Despite the price being well within budget, i was a bit reluctant in the beginning to give it a try as when you swatch it on your hand, it has that glossy shine to it. The attendant across the counter assured me that when applied on lips, the moisture is absorbed in the lips and it looks perfectly matte. So, i bought one for trial sake. And…….i was so amazed by this product! And then i bought two more!!

So, here’s my review of the product followed by the swatches and names of my shades.


  • Has awesome variety of colors in matte shades – conservatively they have 3 shades in red, mauve, pink, peach, browns etc in matte! that’s a wide variety out there!
  • Very moisturizing. Doesn’t feel heavy or dry on the lips
  • Transfer proof!! – something that i was really looking for. Its kind of embarrassing having your lipstick on coffee cups!
  • Good sturdy packaging
  • Affordable price range
  • Doesn’t smudge or cake around the lips. Stays where it needs to be.


  • Lasts conservatively for around 6 hours without touchup and in between meals. Not that 6 hrs is not good but i would have loved to have it a little longer than that. As the day progresses, it will fade a bit but wont be off completely. It has staining quality – leaves a stain on the lips.

Colorbar Matte Lipsticks

1) 59 P – Peach Crush

This one is a gorgeous coral peachy pinky shade…more on the peach side. If you are looking for a nice summery look, you gotta have this shade. it looks soo amazing when put on. Plus the matte makes it stand out so well on the face. Totally love it. Btw, this was the 1st one i tried from this range and fell in love with it.

2) 41 M – Raisin Rum

This is a nice combination of pink n mauve. Its like a everyday go to shade. Looks very pretty and goes with anything.

3) 80 V – Hearts & Tarts

I loved this one!! its my favorite! i was dying to own a matte red lipstick that’s not to bright and wearable. This one fits the bill completely!! its a nice red with a pink undertone so it’s definitely wearable and doesn’t look overboard. its one of those red that gives your face a nice lift…if you know what i mean. The matte finish gives a very nice complete look to the face. There was also another red that i was considering while buying this one called Hot Hot Hot. That one is a real bright red with an orange undertone. I personally dont like red with orange undertones…i like them with a pink undertone. So, if you want a bright red, go for Hot Hot Hot.

I loved this product and want to try new colors in this range. Since the price is affordable, i wouldn’t mind adding a few of them to my vanity 😉

If you are fond of matte lipsticks, this product definitely deserves your attention. i highly recommend trying it. If you so try some, let me know your experience.



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