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Amby Valley, India.



Reliving good times!  View from our bungalow:)

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Article: Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Trend Report from New York, London, Milan, Paris & Delhi

Enjoy the ultimate Autumn/ Winter 2013-14 trend report from fashion capitals across the world!

From skirts to coats. .from animal prints to florals…everything is right here! Bringing you the best in fashion… indulge yourself 🙂

Courtesy: Vogue India – The Big Fashion Issue



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Celebrating the spirit of India’s Independence Day!

Independence Day is a good time to ponder who we really are and where we come from.

Its a time to acknowledge the bravery of our freedom fighters and the sacrifices of  families whose, children are working in Army, Navy and Airforce.

Its a time to thank all those Jawans at the border because of whom, you & me have peaceful sleep at night.

And, Its time to decide where, we as a Nation aim to go and how we plan to get there. Let us all vow to take our country to great Heights of Prosperity, each by doing his/her tiny bit,  sincerely and truely.

Happy Independence Day fellow Indians!

Here’s a collection of some of the best pictures celebrating the true spirit of India’s Independence Day.










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Beautiful View from a rooftop restaurant!

Hey Guys,

i have been really busy this havent had a chance to blog:( But, i promise, i will blog soon.

Meanwhile thought of sharing these beautiful pics of a rooftop restaurant called “Breeze” in Powai, Mumbai. A friend suggested it. Was lucky to capture the early evening and night views…was soo nice and peaceful:) It serves only pure vegetarian food and alcohol. Bit steep in pricing but because of the incredible view, people dont mind paying 😉 There are very few roof top restaurants in Mumbai with a view…so whatever it takes for some time away from the hussle bussle of the city.



Enjoy! Catch you later:)

Finally found a good Gel Eyeliner!

Hey Lovlies,

Its Monday again and the week looks super hectic…but that ain’t gonna stop us from finding some happiness in small things of life here and there:)

I love eye makeup and i am very fond of eyeliners. I think it just completes the look. I personally don’t like to do touch-up on my makeup so prefer having products that last all day. My mission has always been to find a good eyeliner that i can use on my lash and water line both. My eyes are pretty watery so anything on the waterline doesn’t last long.

I had been in search of a good Gel eyeliner for a while and i found it! Its the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Black)

I had researched quite and bit around these and tried almost all of them available in the market like B&D, Revlon, Lakme, etc but found them really dry and flaky. Thats when i came across this one from Maybelline. Bought it yesterday, tried it and loved it. So, here’s my experience with it.



  • Super creamy
  • Consistency is good
  • Lost lasting  – the package claims it to be lasting for 24 hrs
  • Comes with a nice stiff applicator brush and a lid to protect the brush
  • 2.8 gms of product for approx Rs.400/-. Think thats gonna last long.
  • No itching or burning when applied on water line
  • Smooth glide over the upper & lower lash line
  • Tried it on water line and stayed pretty well.
  • Smudge proof – once it settles, it doesn’t move.
  • Water proof – when i washed my face with water, some of it came off but most of it still remained on the eye…had to remove with eye makeup removal strips.


  • Packaging is poor. Didnt quite like the lid of the bottle…looks like the lid of a cough syrup!
  • In India, they have only 2 colors – Black and Brown. The brown one has a little metallic feel to it and is not a dark brown as i would have loved it to be. I would have loved to have a Blue, Olive Green, Plum and dark brown shades in this line.

So, go grab one for yourself and enjoy! Do share your experiences or any other Gel Liners you think are better than this one…i’ll be happy to try them 🙂

Have a wonderful week ahead:)



Summer Heat!! Hair UpDo’s

Hello Lovelies,

Its been a crazy summer here in India with temperature soaring from 30-40 degree Celsius!

I hate it when the hair sticks to the forehead and back due to sweat. Moreover, sweat paves way for dandruff! uurrggghh

In our busy lives, we just don’t manage to have time for ourselves or to spend time on hair styling. Majority of us are either getting ready on the way to work or after reaching office in the restrooms! 😉

So, here’s a little help to beat the heat and yet look stylish at workplace. I tried some easy and fast updo hair styles and i am loving it 🙂 Doesn’t take more than a minute or two and they help you turn some heads;)

The easiest of the updos that you can try are ponytails and buns.I personally do a combination of these two through out the week at work and it simply does the trick…i dont feel hot, my hair remains intact and i look ready for summer!

I will be sharing a few links that you can watch on youtube to get ideas on how to make a stylish ponytail or bun. I have searched quite a bit on it and have pasted below the best (in terms of ease of doing them and quickness)ones for you. Obviously, there are many more out there but i feel these are the quickest and easiest of the lot.

My personal favorite is making a bun with a pencil or a chopstick! trust me, it looks very professional…depending on how to tie it…you can have a messy bun as well as a french bun as per your preference.

So enjoy the vidoes and let me know if you try any.

Stylish Ponytail —>

Bun using Chopstick —>



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