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Summer Heat!! Hair UpDo’s

Hello Lovelies,

Its been a crazy summer here in India with temperature soaring from 30-40 degree Celsius!

I hate it when the hair sticks to the forehead and back due to sweat. Moreover, sweat paves way for dandruff! uurrggghh

In our busy lives, we just don’t manage to have time for ourselves or to spend time on hair styling. Majority of us are either getting ready on the way to work or after reaching office in the restrooms! 😉

So, here’s a little help to beat the heat and yet look stylish at workplace. I tried some easy and fast updo hair styles and i am loving it 🙂 Doesn’t take more than a minute or two and they help you turn some heads;)

The easiest of the updos that you can try are ponytails and buns.I personally do a combination of these two through out the week at work and it simply does the trick…i dont feel hot, my hair remains intact and i look ready for summer!

I will be sharing a few links that you can watch on youtube to get ideas on how to make a stylish ponytail or bun. I have searched quite a bit on it and have pasted below the best (in terms of ease of doing them and quickness)ones for you. Obviously, there are many more out there but i feel these are the quickest and easiest of the lot.

My personal favorite is making a bun with a pencil or a chopstick! trust me, it looks very professional…depending on how to tie it…you can have a messy bun as well as a french bun as per your preference.

So enjoy the vidoes and let me know if you try any.

Stylish Ponytail —>

Bun using Chopstick —>



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