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18 Genius Hacks for Fixing Makeup Mistakes Every Woman Makes

Amazing info! ! Must read!!



20 Genius Concealer Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

Concealer is one thing i feel is tricky to use. .You need to know how to apply it correctly and most importantly where to apply it. This article gives some really good tips. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as i did 🙂


Article: How To Get Airbrush Perfect Skin Without An Airbrush

Hey Guys,

I came across this amazing video by where she shows how to get the flawless Airbrush Foundation without an Airbrush! !!

Good learning! Enjoy!

Tip of the Day! Have flawless Airbrushed Skin

Here’s a wonderful guide for a flawless airbrushed Skin. Hope you learn from it as much as I did



Lakme 9 to 5 Foundation Review

Hey Loves,

Apologies for being out of circuit for a while, was busy at work. But, here I am 🙂 with the Lakme 9 to 5 Foundation Review.

I was really looking forward to try this new range of Lakme – the 9 to 5 range. I have been using this product for a while and am loving it. Its a wonderful foundation for daily office wear. Its long wearing and most importantly, helps curtail the oiliness around my T zone 🙂

Lakme 9 to 5 Foundation PicsArt_1379666523940


  • Provides full coverage – You can build on it for heavy coverage
  • Blends well – you can blend it by itself with a brush or beauty blender. I noticed, it blends well with a wet sponge/brush.
  • Completely soaks in my skin
  • Doesn’t feel heavy
  • Covers the pores very well.
  • Helps curtail oil secretion around my t-zone
  • Decently Priced – Rs. 450INR
  • Good packaging – loved the sponge packing inside the box as well as the matte bottle
  • Has a pump – that’s definitely a plus one for me
  • Travel friendly.
  • Long lasting – my face looked radiant for a good 7-8 hours
  • It is good by itself but like to seal it with a compact.


  • It dries quickly, so you need to be quick at blending it on your face. That can be a pro as well…the way you wana look at it.

All in all, i loved it for a day-to-day routine foundation. Have received compliments at work stating my skin looks fresh and radiant when i had this on. And, it doesn’t give me a feeling of wearing a foundation at all…so that’s what i like about it the most…gets soaked in the skin pretty nicely.

Its definitely been my go-to product this last month. My recommendation, you must try it. Do let me know your experience.




High End Makeup Brushes Dupes!

Hey Gals,

Are you one of those who love makeup brushes, but think they are too expensive? Well, read on to find out about high end makeup brushes dupes 🙂

Before i start this post, please note that I am in no way trying to demean any high end makeup brushes brand. They are awesome and owning them is every girl’s pride. Their quality is not questionable at all. This post is more about finding an affordable option to these high end makeup brushes.

I simply love the below stated brushes but thought they were very expensive for my day-to-day makeup needs. Hence, thought of finding some dupes.

  • Round Kabuki Brush – This brush is mainly used for application of power products like pressed powder. (Sigma’s F82 – Round Kabuki –> 18$)
  • Flat Kabuki brush – As the name suggests, this brush is used for application of liquid/creamy foundation. (Sigma’s F80 – Flat Kabuki –> 18$)
  • Angled Kabuki brush – This brush is awesome for application of blush or bronzer (Sigma’s F84 – Angled Kabuki –> 18$)
  • Tapered Kabuki brush – This is a very good brush for contouring or applying foundation to corner areas around the nose and eyes. (Sigma’s F86 – Tapered Kabuki –> 18$)
  • Sigma also sells a combo pack of these four at 62$ (

I checked locally for dupes but didn’t find any kabuki style brushes. They were more of normal bristle non-kabuki brushes. So, didn’t work for me as I specifically wanted kabuki brushes. Hence, moved on to search amazon and eBay for days and finally found the dupes i was looking for! They definitely do a good job if you want to use them for day-to-day makeup needs and gives you a happy feeling of using brushes similar to high end ones 😉

4 Makeup Brushes

Flat Kabuki Brush - for liquid & creamy foundation application

Tapered Kabuki - very good brush for contouring

Angled Kabuki - for blush & bronzer application

Round Kabuki - for powder application


  • Goodquality synthetic brush bristles – very soft
  • Firmly held to the base – so helps in ease of application
  • 1 inch of brush length (as compared to Sigma which is more than 2 inches)
  • Black handle (you get white handle as well)
  • Looks are very similar to high end make up brushes.
  • Awesome price. I got 4 brushes for 22$ – whereas Sigma’s one brush is around 18$.


  • Unbranded
  • Short length of bristles

In my opinion, though these are unbranded, they are definitely value for money. I was super impressed with the quality of these. I ordered these brushes from eBay (link provided below) and got the delivery from USA within a week’s time!! They were absolutely as per the description provided by the seller. I highly recommend this seller.

Makeup Brushes I ordered –>

Seller Information –>

Please note, i am not associated with this seller in any way and nor i am getting any monetary compensation from him/her for promoting them on this blog post. I am recommending this seller purely in good faith due to my good experience with this product.

So, no more feeling bad of not owning high end makeup brushes, we have a dupe now!

Hope you enjoyed this post and save some money on your makeup brushes.

Do share your experience if you try these brushes or you know of some other affordable options.



Lakme Absolute Mousse Review

Hey Lovelies,

Here’s a quick first hand review of Lakme Absolute Mousse.

Lakme Absolute Mousse

Lakme Absolute Mousse









  • Good stylish packaging
  • Not sticky
  • Not greecy
  • Soaks like magic in the skin
  • Has sunscreen


  • Felt the quantity was less.
  • Gets a bit patchy if used in excess around the mouth area.
  • I have a T Zone. Didn’t really help conceal the oil secretion there, my nose area started shining half an hour after application.

For best results, do not use it in excess. Take very little and spread well across the face. Do not use a compact after the application of mousse. Its dry enough. Its a good substitute to a liquid foundation…something i wouldn’t want to use on day to day basis. This one is definitely a good product for daily ware. Feels very good on the skin.

Do share your experiences if you give it a try 🙂



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