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Patanjali Products Review!

Hello Friends,

It’s been a while that I sat down for a full-fledged product line review. But, I just couldn’t resist this one!

Presenting review of a few products from Patanjali!

Patanjali is promoted by Baba Ramdev, the renowned Yoga Guru and Acharya Balkrishnaji. The company is into manufacture, process, refine, formulate, import, export and deal in all kinds of Ayurvedic and herbal Products, Life Savings Drugs etc. Today, Patanjali is a 10 year old company who has become a big name in the market and is putting a huge dent in the market share of FMCG majors like HUL.

I was intrigued by the word of mouth reviews that I have heard from family and friends about the products of this company. All ayurvedic, natural, affordable are some of the adjectives that are associated with this brand.

So here it is, I bought a few products of this brand to find out for myself.

1. Aloevera Gel:

Patanjali Aloevera Gel

I have heard raving reviews about this product. It says, “for natural beauty, safety and useful removal of pigmented spots”. Contains 90% Aloevera. You get 150 ml of product for Rs. 80/-

The product has mild greenish color and very mild smell. The gel form gives it thick consistency and little goes a long way. Once you apply on your face, it will dry in 5 min. Wash it off after 15-20 min and you will find your skin clean and nourished. It helped reduced some blemishes that I had on my skin. It is good to lighten the dark spots or discoloration on the skin.

Aloevera, in itself has great benefits. I mixed it with the hair oil and the scalp felt nourished, clean and cold! I tried using this gel on washed hair as leave in conditioner and it worked pretty well too. It helped reduce the frizziness and knots in the hair.

To my surprise, I liked the product! It’s affordable and does the job pretty well. All in all, like the Aloevera gel

2. Neem & Tulsi Facewash:

Patanjali Neem Tulsi Facewash

It says, “Neem-Tulsi Face wash is a soap free herbal formulation. Its gentle cleansing action controls moisture and natural balance of the skin. Neem-Tulsi kills germs, while honey & aloe moisturize and rejuvenate the skin tissues, to make complexion fresh, smooth and beautiful. It also helps prevent pimples”. You get 60 ml of product for Rs. 45/-

I would say, similar formulation and feel like the Himalaya Neem facewash. The product does not have really have a strong smell but when you dispense it from the tube, there is a plastic smell but when applying on face, that smell is not there. So, maybe it’s just the cheap packaging.

I lathers well on the skill and little is good enough. It cleans the skill well and has helped reduce the heat boils or pimples on my face.

I tried the neem-tulsi facewash but they have more options like rose facewash, orange aloe facewash etc.

On the flipside, I would say, the packaging is a bit flimsy, would have liked a bigger tube option available. Since, you don’t get Patanjali products at local general stores, you will have to go to a dedicated Patanjali distribution outlet to get the products or order online. So, small tube though easy while travel but you may have to pick 2 for it to last a month.

All in all, cheap substitute to the Himalaya Neem Facewash and available in a smaller tube than the Himalaya one so convenient to carry around.

3. Kesh Kanti Aloevera Hair Cleanser:

Patanjali Aloevera Hair Cleanser

It says, “ Prevents hair fall, minimizes split ends, removes dirt from hair and scalp”. You get 200ml of the product for Rs. 75/-

Firstly, the other shampoos from Pantanjali like aritha, shikakai, etc are tagged as ‘Shampoo’, however, this one in specific is tagged as ‘Hair cleanser”

Has smell similar to the Aloevera gel. To my surprise, it lathers pretty well. It did clean the scalp well and reduced the dandruff. Especially during summers, my scalp gets very dry and itchy due to sweat. This made me feel really clean. However, on the flip side, it makes your hair a bit dry after wash. At least mine went dry. So, you will need a conditioner after hair wash. I used my regular Loreal conditioner after using this. It does leave a bit of aloevera smell on the hair after hair wash so keep that in mind, if you don’t like aloevera smell.

Apart from leaving a bit of smell in the hair, I liked it. It reduced the frizziness in the hair and made them a bit soft than usual. The packaging however, is flimsy. But that’s my overall opinion for all Patanjali products that I am reviewing in this blog post.

This product is worth a try for sure, especially in summers when there is lot of sweat in the hair and scalp. Plus, it’s a good quantity at that price.

4. Amla Hair Oil:

Patanjali Amla Hair Oil

Yet another product that I have heard very good reviews about is the Amla Hair Oil. It says, “Strengthens the roots, prevent hair fall, greying of hair and split ends”. You get 100 ml for Rs. 40/-

Since it is Amla hair oil, it is green in color. Has a very strong flowery smell. It’s not really a bad smell but it has a smell! Like the parachute coconut hair oil doesn’t really have a smell or has neutral smell but this one has a strong flowery smell. So, I personally wouldn’t wear it and go out of the house! I would love to use it at night and sleep, will give you some garden dreams! Just kidding 😛

I mixed the Patanjali Aloevera gel with this hair oil and applied on my scalp and hair. Left it overnight and washed it next day in morning. After application, it gives a nice cold feeling on the scalp that’s not very strong but soothing. You feel relaxed with that kind of coldness in the head.Despite the strong smell, I like it!

Overall, I would say I am happy with the 4 products that I have tried thus far! The good experience with these will definitely make me want to try few more products from this brand. Some of the pros & cons around Patanjali products that I used are as under:

  • Affordable: One the biggest success factors for this brand is the cost. Since it has a wide reach in rural areas as well, the cheap cost is a big factor for the massive sale of its products. One doesn’t mind trying a variety of products.
  • Ayurvedic & Natural: This brand has publicized itself as having all natural and ayuvedic ingredients that are not harmful to your body. Guess, that claim, makes people more comfortable and willing to try the products.
  • Wide variety of product offering: The Patanjali brand has a wide variety of products offerings from skincare, haircare, cosmetics, honey, food items etc. One good experience with a product from a particular line, makes people willing to try products in other line too.
  • Cheap packaging: I would say overall I was not happy with the packaging. It’s of cheap quality but if the product itself is good, I don’t think it’s a deal breaker.
  • Distribution Centres: You get Patanjali products exclusively at their distribution centres. Though they have opened up centres in most localities now, the distribution centres themselves are not publicized. So, unless you check their website or bump into one of the distribution centres by chance, you will not know where they are located.
  • Product Availibility: Though there are many distribution centres, the product inventory is pretty minimal. You may not find all products in a particular line at all distribution centres. They are selective and few. Many a times a fast selling product is available in one distribution centre but is out of stock for days in the other
  • Quantity is fixed: They don’t have variation in sizes. They have only size per product. Eg. Facewash is available in one size only, you won’t get a bigger size if you wanted. Shampoo is available in one size only, no small or big bottles are available.
  • Product display: The product display at the distribution centres is below average. Unless you know what you want to buy, you will not be able to view all offerings in a product line. They products are haphazardly kept in metal racks and only the distributor over the counter will know what’s there and not.
  • Bill: the distribution centres don’t provide a bill unless asked for.

Hope you find this review useful and will help you if you intend to try any of the Patanjali products. If you haven’t tried any of the Patanjali products yet but wish to try something, my recommendation would be start with the Aloevera gel and Neem Tulsi Facewash.

Let me know if you have already used any of the Patanjali products and how has your experience been with them. Also, if you have any suggestions on any product that I must try or you want me to review them for you, please mention in the comments below. If you liked the blog post, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your family & friends.


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Create a “Ta Dah List” instead of a “To Do List”

If you are someone like me, i dont need to emphasize the importance of a To Do list in our lives!

Appreciate yourself

From profession to personal life – everything is in that To Do list!

But at times, i get restless looking at my to-do list even though i may have accomplished a few things from there, it still has certain things pending! I feel drained and overwhelmed. At the end of the day, instead of feeling content about finishing a few tasks, feeling proud of myself, i am busy looking at things to do for tomorrow! Does that happen to you as well?

I keep joking with friends, that if people could see my thoughts above my head in the form of bubbles, they would probably see a dozen of them which would be things from my to-do list!

A friend of mine, who is also a Doctor, advised me NOT to maintain a To-Do list! Instead she suggested to maintain a ‘Ta Dah List’ She had read about this “Ta Dah List’ in a book called Walking in this World by Creativity guru Julia Cameron

The ‘Ta Dah List’ is basically creating a list of things that you have accomplished in the day like doing your fitness routine, finishing some pending bank work, calling a close family member etc. I tried doing this and i realised that it helped me appreciate my accomplishments in the day and not feel overwhelmed by the tasks still pending! It helped me sleep with a sense of contentment and positive energy at the end of the day. It also made me feel ‘less guitly’ about the pending things and allowed myself to slow down.

I think the ‘Ta Dah List’ is an effective way of reminding myself that I do enough and that I am enough.

Do give it a try…create a ‘Ta Dah List’…appreciate yourself.

Share your thoughts and experiences here 🙂



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The Secret!!

Recently, I was surfing the net for some good self-improvement book, & I bumped into audio-book of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

I had heard a lot about this book but never really got around reading it due to lack of time. But, since I got an audio version, I was excited to listen it while commuting to work & back home.

And trust me, this book has worked like a miracle for me. As I listened through the chapters, I realized how we always think negative (involuntarily & unintentionally) & thereby invite negative things in our lives. Due to all the stress in our lives, be it personally or professionally, we simply don’t realize that we speak negative, we feel negative all the time.

That’s when I decided to make an effort to change my thought process & start thinking positive. Not that I am a negative or pessimistic person by nature, its just a different way of living life altogether….a more fulfilling & desired life that you always wanted to live. It takes a while to get into positive thinking mode in ALL aspects of life and ALL the time, but when you start experiencing the difference, it feels magical.

Some of the good learnings from this book are listed below..I hope you make an effort to try them & attract good things in your lives

  • The law of attraction: We all are bound by the law of attraction like the law of gravity. The law says that, whatever you think about or put your attention on becomes reality in your life.
  • You are the master of your own destiny, you create your life: The book very beautifully describes that, you can create the life that you always desired by positive thoughts. The universe is a Genie out there who is always going to say “your wish is my command” but the only problem is…it doesn’t understand a negative connotation!! So, when you say, I don’t want to be late at work today……it understands as I want to be late at work today! And so, you will come across all situations & circumstances that will make you late for work on that day. Instead, you must say, I want to be on time at work today.
  • Creative process: The law of attraction works by practicing the 3 step creative process:
      • Ask the universe – you must be crystal clear about what you want.
      • Believe – act, speak and think as though you have already received what you have asked for.
      • Receivefeel great that it is coming to you. Feeling good sets up the necessary vibration to manifest the desire.
  • You don’t need to know HOW things will work in your favor or HOW you will receive things that you desire….that’s the job of the Genie….trust him to do it for you.
  • Focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want: Channelize your thoughts on what you love & want in life like good health, money, house, loving partner than what you don’t want in life like illness, horrible boss, traffic, debt etc.
  • Change the frequency of your thoughts: I simply loved the way it is explained that our thoughts are on different frequencies like television channels. Positive frequency & Negative frequency…when you are tuned to a negative frequency, you attract all bad things that is on that frequency. And, when you are on positive frequency, you will attract all good things on that frequency.
  • Show Love & Gratitude: one of the most amazing messages that the book gives is being grateful for what we have. We are always cribbing about the things we don’t have…money, car, health etc. We are rarely grateful for being able to see another day, having successful careers, loving siblings or kids, living parents etc.
  • Your thoughts give birth to feelings and these feelings can change the course of things in your life…so be careful of how you feel. Do not use negative words like impossible, disgusting, outrageous, horrible etc….use words like brilliant, fantastic, mind-blowing which will give rise to more positive feelings than negative.

When you have the power to make things right in your life by changing your thoughts, why not do it? A change in thought process is all it takes 🙂

Start today and see your life changing 🙂



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Don’t Stress!! It affects your body more than you know… Don’t stress over things beyond your control…its not worth it!



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