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Bonito Magic Blender Review

Hey Everyone,

Hope your doing well.

Today’s express review is going to be on Bonito’s Beauty Blender.

I am a fan of applying makeup through the beauty blender and have tried many blenders in last couple of months. And the most recent purchase is beauty blender by Bonito

FullSizeRender 6

I picked it from a local beauty store at Rs299 but you can get it from amazon as well

The packaging is similar to that of the original beauty blender – plastic box

The quality is very good and soft. I was super impressed by it. Upon getting wet, the blender expands beautifully and is still very soft and mushy. It is not hard on the skin when your trying to blend. It doesn’t hurt the skin or bounce off the skin.

FullSizeRender 14

The shape is that of a normal beauty blender with pointed tip. It blends the foundation very nicely and doesn’t soak up the foundation too much making it dry. I like to tap it on the skin for application and yet it doesn’t soak up the foundation so thats definitely a plus for me – less messy blender and less wastage of the foundation. It gives better effect by dabbing on the skin rather than rubbing it

It doesn’t leave a patchy effect on the face, it gives a nice poreless finish. So love that!

All in all, definitely a product that i will repurchase. From quality to pricing, this product gets an A+ from my end on all aspects.

Which is your favourite beauty blender? Or do you prefer using a makeup brush for applying foundation? Let me know in the comments section below.



Hiphop Instant Makeup Remover Pads – Review

Hey everyone,

Hope you are having a great weekend!

I need not stress on the importance of removing your makeup everyday! It’s a must!

There are a number of makeup removing formulas available in the market today. From liquid forms to wipes.

I bumped into discovering this new makeup remover and have become a fan instantly!! So thought of doing a quick review for you’ll.

FullSizeRender 23

I am reviewing the Hiphop instant makeup remover today. Totally random purchase but turned out to be very good one! Link to the product at Nykaa website is here

This makeup remover comes in a compact sturdy plastic box with double lids

It contains 30 soaked pads. I love the fact that its preloaded with solution so I don’t need to carry a bottle and cotton pads or wipes packet along while traveling. The box is the size of a normal compact.

It contains Aqua, Normal Moisturizing Factor, Isopropyle myristate, Aloe vera, Sles, Triphala, Silicon, Perfume. It claims to be a one step cleansing treatment that removes your makeup as well as moisturises your skin & has Vitamin E.

Most of the liquid makeup removers range between Rs250 – Rs600. Whereas the wipes range between Rs120 – 400 depending on the brand you choose. International brands are obviously on the higher side. Hiphop instant makeup remover pads retail at Rs110.

The box also has extra tight fitting inner lid so that the solution doesn’t evaporate and the pads don’t become dry. A major problem that I face with wipes. If they are kept unused for long, the solution evaporates since you have opened it or maybe not closed it properly.

These pads are thick and not flimsy at all!! And the solution is good as well. One pad is enough for removing makeup from full face. Plus since the pad is thick, you can use it reverse Coz the removed makeup doesn’t transfer or seep through the pad on the other side. It easily removes waterproof makeup in one swipe including eye makeup. Check out my Instagram to where i do the unboxing and show you the packaging as well as the wipes

I didn’t find any irritation on the skin at all. Nor did my eyes burn while removing the liner and mascara from lower lash line. It doesn’t leave my skin dry and I don’t feel the need to apply lotion or something immediately.

I have never been fan of liquid solution in bottles because I always fear spillage during travel. So wipes had always been my go to. However, I think they dry out and some tear as well while using. This product solves both my apprehensions! Compact, travel friendly, no fear of spillage or drying out and one pad is good enough for full face! So total value for money if you ask me

Let me know which one is your favourite makeup remover? What format do you prefer – liquid solutions or wipes?



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