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Create a “Ta Dah List” instead of a “To Do List”

If you are someone like me, i dont need to emphasize the importance of a To Do list in our lives!

Appreciate yourself

From profession to personal life – everything is in that To Do list!

But at times, i get restless looking at my to-do list even though i may have accomplished a few things from there, it still has certain things pending! I feel drained and overwhelmed. At the end of the day, instead of feeling content about finishing a few tasks, feeling proud of myself, i am busy looking at things to do for tomorrow! Does that happen to you as well?

I keep joking with friends, that if people could see my thoughts above my head in the form of bubbles, they would probably see a dozen of them which would be things from my to-do list!

A friend of mine, who is also a Doctor, advised me NOT to maintain a To-Do list! Instead she suggested to maintain a ‘Ta Dah List’ She had read about this “Ta Dah List’ in a book called Walking in this World by Creativity guru Julia Cameron

The ‘Ta Dah List’ is basically creating a list of things that you have accomplished in the day like doing your fitness routine, finishing some pending bank work, calling a close family member etc. I tried doing this and i realised that it helped me appreciate my accomplishments in the day and not feel overwhelmed by the tasks still pending! It helped me sleep with a sense of contentment and positive energy at the end of the day. It also made me feel ‘less guitly’ about the pending things and allowed myself to slow down.

I think the ‘Ta Dah List’ is an effective way of reminding myself that I do enough and that I am enough.

Do give it a try…create a ‘Ta Dah List’…appreciate yourself.

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