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Movie Review : Non-Stop


Non-Stop is a suspense thriller that starts with a so called highjack of a flight. … but the fun part was the blame of highjack was on an Air Marshal (Liam Neeson) who was on board the flight that time!

The movie revolves around the quest of this Air Marshal trying to find the real highjacker who was threatening to kill a passenger on board every 20 min.

Absolutely gripping suspense right till the end!  You may keep guessing the real highjacker right till the end. .. Coz there are many characters that may seem to be one.

Liam Neeson, has done a very good job as an Air Marshal… To be honest, he looks pretty old in this movie. But, after the Taken movie series, you are kind of use to seeing him in such roles:) Undercover cop..retired police officer or the latest Air Marshal:)

All in all,  good movie. .. definitely once a watch. I would give this movie a 4/5 star rating.. Just Coz of its gripping storyline.

Enjoy the movie!


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