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Hey friends,

I need your help! I have been struggling with hair dullness and hair fall since last couple of months. I use to use Dove shapoo and conditioner before and then switched to Pantene for a change. 

However,  I am not completely satisfied there as well. I think I need some extra nourishment for hair. Don’t want to spend lot of money in parlour. ..i rather invest in a good product that I can use at home.

Have you used a hair mask before?  Could you please suggest me some good ones and your experience using them?

Appreciate your responses.


Comments on: "Need help!! Suggest a good Hairmask" (5)

  1. One of my favorites is from Ion and you can get them at any Sally’s Beauty Supply. I just empty the whole package on my hair, put a cap over it, add heat and done. Your hair, especially if it’s dyed, brittle and lifeless will feel alive.

  2. I make my own by mixing coconut and argan oil – just heat the coconut oil in a plastic tub (I just float in a sink of hot water for a couple of minutes and mix in an equal amount of argan oil. Either oil on its own is fine too.

    The Dove hair masks are good too – also try the leave in conditioner, it’s pretty good.

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