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Hey Loves,

We have been traveling for almost 18-20 hours now! Had it not been for the comfort of business class, I don’t think I could have sustained this long journey.

We had our transit at Brussels. It feels so good being back in Brussels… have been here twice before. . Just love this place! World’s best chocolates and French fries are found here. .the Grand Central place is amazing during this time around due to Thanksgiving and Xmas celebrations. Brings back some fond memories. We didn’t have enough time to venture out of the airport so landed up doing some shopping instead; )


Finally, after a few long hours we made it to New York! ! My dream city! ! 🙂 Super excited.  While landing,  it was a site to see the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and the new World One from the top. . Couldn’t capture that time from camera.

We start our trip with San Francisco so we will be coming back to New York. Had some awesome pizza’s at Famiglia and a drink at Guiness Bar



And finally boarded for San Francisco!  Its been a very long day and I just want to get the travel to end now. The highlight of the whole travel was this outstanding arial shot of New York City by the night! 🙂 looks like a beautiful maze!





Its me signing off for now,  shall bring you more updates around my travel.
Take care and Cya soon:)


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