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Nail Art time! :)

Hey Gals,
Been a while I have actually sat in peace to do some nailart. It’s such a happy feeling when you manage to sneak in some time for yourself.


Here’s the nailart I tried.  It’s inspired by Robin Moses (linked below her orginal nail art for your reference). Her original art is in neon,  however, I have tried it with the colors I already had.  And,  I love the outcome:)

Robin Moses nail art design I took inspiration from –》

Its pretty simple design. . Just follow the steps as shown in the video. You can play around with the colors you already have.

Let me know your thoughts on my nail art….do try some nail art yourself this weekend and share your pics:)

Happy Weekend!


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Comments on: "Nail Art time! :)" (4)

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey, I guess I’m a little late to the party but I also nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Keep up the great work!

  3. Love the look. Wish my hands didn’t shake so much.My nails would be all crazy

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