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Are you worried about your expensive smartphone getting spoiled due to rains?

Hey Guys,

Are you worried about your expensive smartphone getting spoiled due to rains? Well trust me, you are not alone. We spend a bomb these days on smartphones (most of them being touch screen phones) and they get spoilt…just like that…due to some rain water!

Last weekend, i bought a Jumper case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and I am pretty happy with it. You may say, it doesnt cover the screen so whats the big deal about it? But here’s the trick i use ….thought of sharing with you so that you can also safegaurd your smartphones from getting spoilt due to rains.

Though the jumper case doesnt cover the sceen, it helps get a better grip on the phone and helps avoid fall. During the rains, with wet hands, your phone might slip while taking it out of your pocket or purse. Another benefit of these jumpers are that their edge covers the touchscreen front properly, such that, when you invert your phone face down..the screen doesnt touch the surface! Moreover, these jumper cases are available in lot of colors and are not that expensive..they are hardly 2.5-3$. I have seen these jumper cases for most of the smartphones in the market…so go grab yours….stylish and safe 🙂

To safeguard my touch screen front and overall phone. i put my phone in a transparent case shown below.


These cases are readily available in any stationary shop. Most people use them as cases to keep pens, passports or passbooks.

The best part about this transparent cases is that you will still be able to use your touch screen phone – like messaging typing, answering calls and net surfing without actually removing the phone from the case!! isnt that awesome! i have answered calls and its perfectly brilliant…you can clearly hear the person. I just love it 🙂

So, go ahead and pick a case for your smartphone the next shop you see and protect them from getting spoilt.

Enjoy the rains:)



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Manicure Monday!

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you had a great weekend. I had some nice me time this weekend. .Thanks to the pouring rains;)

Landed up doing a nailart design I wanted to do in a long time. So happy:)


It’s pretty simple. You can choose whichever colors you like. I love teal so choose dark teal and white. You just got to be a little patient. . That’s all it takes for this beautiful design.

Here’s a tip on how to go about doing the paws in the design.


Really simple. . The stripes are easy anyway. The best thing I like about this design is there are no specific shapes or boundaries. The stripes can be anyhow and so can the paws:)

So go for it ladies. .get some heads moving and feel good factor:)

Have a fantastic week ahead


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Man of Steel – Movie review

Hey friends,

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday. . Weekends mean movies… the most awaited Superman movie #ManofSteel released this weekend.


I was super excited to be watching it today. But was a bit disappointed 😦

I would say I expected more. I thought Henry Cavill suited the bill perfectly as Superman. .. but was under utilized.

The first half of the movie was spent on the origin of Superman and shows the struggle Henry goes through as child growing up with his powers. Was pretty stretched I would say.

Second half of the movie is when you actually see him as Superman. However, I was missing the Superman in action. Though the second part has action scenes. . They felt more like video game action scenes to me. Didnt quite enjoy them. General Zod gets killed with a mere neck twist! They spent nearly half an hour breaking glass and buildings fighting and he dies with a neck twist!! That was disappointing.

So, overall I would rate the movie as 2.5 stars…but would definately want to see Henry Cavill in next Superman movie with a strong story showcasing the qualities he possesses.

Have fun guys. ..enjoy your weekend:)

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Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Fashionista, Style Tag

Hey Lovelies,


Cant tell you how relieved i am since its Friday today! Its the best day of the week.

Another achievement of the day is ….my Facebook Page is finally up! Had been having some trouble with it lately.

So, now you can follow me on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Fashionista and Style Tag ….all @beaushiondiva

So, go ahead and follow me….cya on the other side 🙂

Wait…did i mention i was going for #ManofSteel movie tomorrow 🙂 Exited to see Henry Cavill 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!



Affordable Makeup – Lakme Compact Powder Review

Hey Lovelies,

Goooddd Moorrnniinngg!!

Its been a crazy rainy Monday here in Mumbai! So thought of doing something to bring a smile on my face by blogging 🙂

Does it kill you spending all your pocket money on expensive makeup and wish there was an alternative!! Well, I am gonna help there. ..I will try and blog around adorable makeup alternatives:)

I was actually looking for some affordable compact for daily use and discovered this! I loved it. ..for the price that it is (Rs100-120).. its total value for money!  🙂

So thought of doing a quick review on it.


– packaging a small with a small mirror
– has a nice soft sponge for application
– has good coverage
– competitive price – good value for money
– brings good glow in face

– can’t think of any. …but a quick tip would be. ..use it after applying some moisturizer on the face first. On my face,  if used without a moisturizer…it gets a bit patchy around the mouth area.

So give it a try & let me know if you are searching for some affordable alternatives for your makeup. ..I can try & blog about those.

Have a wonderful week ahead:)

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Lakme Absolute Mousse Review

Hey Lovelies,

Here’s a quick first hand review of Lakme Absolute Mousse.

Lakme Absolute Mousse

Lakme Absolute Mousse









  • Good stylish packaging
  • Not sticky
  • Not greecy
  • Soaks like magic in the skin
  • Has sunscreen


  • Felt the quantity was less.
  • Gets a bit patchy if used in excess around the mouth area.
  • I have a T Zone. Didn’t really help conceal the oil secretion there, my nose area started shining half an hour after application.

For best results, do not use it in excess. Take very little and spread well across the face. Do not use a compact after the application of mousse. Its dry enough. Its a good substitute to a liquid foundation…something i wouldn’t want to use on day to day basis. This one is definitely a good product for daily ware. Feels very good on the skin.

Do share your experiences if you give it a try 🙂



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