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Hey friends,

It’s weekend finally :):) I am sure everyone is in a good mood.

My third day in Goa was exciting and tiring at the same time. Have been a bit down due to dramatic weather changes. .. have caught cold:(

Today was dedicated to South Goa. It’s a good 40-50 minutes from Panjim. But the entire drive was absolutely scenic… good well maintained roads,  lush greenery on both sides of the road,  huge coconut trees, nice and breezy. .had a good drive.

We reached one of the famous beaches of South Goa – The Bogmalo Beach. Nice clean Beach.


Not much to shop around or something. .just a nice clean quite beach. Spent some time here and proceeded to another very famous Beach – the Colva beach.

Colva was a also a nice clean Beach. ..but had lot of people bathing and enjoying the waves.  How could I resist. ..folded my denim and went to enjoy the smooth cold water tickling my feet:) was lovely!


After enjoying the sea, we went on to savour corn! ! It’s a specially during the rains in India.  The corn is roasted and garnished with butter, lemon,  salt and red chilies. .. its yyuuuummmm!! Had the season’s first and best corn:):) happy happy:)


So that’s how the day went today. I havent had a chance to do any shopping here in Goa yet. ..hopefully tomorrow will be the lucky day; )

Have a rocking weekend. .it’s me signing off for now. ..catch ya later:)


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Comments on: "Beach holiday at Goa – day 3" (2)

  1. That corn sounds ridiculously good. It’s about time I start making some for summer and you can bet I’ll be trying the additions that you mentioned. Thanks for sharing your awesome travels with us!

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