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Hey Loves,

Hope you guys had a good day. ..just 2 more days for weekend. . So hang in there. ..weekend is just round the corner 🙂

My awaited short vacation at Goa started with welcome greetings by the Rain God himself:)

Drive from the airport to the hotel was a good 40 minutes. It was beautiful. .lush green trees on both sides of the road. . Cold breeze kissing your face. ..paradise! below is the picture showing the rains proceeding towards us. .taken while we were in car.


Had a nice nap at the hotel and ventured back to see the beautiful beaches Goa is so famous for.

Our first spot was The Fort Aguada Lighthouse. The view was breath taking from the top of the Lighthouse.





After the Lighthouse, we proceeded to Condilum Beach. It was mind blowing. ..could hear the gushing sounds of high tide sea waves!! I could sit there for hours! Though I am terribly scared of water. .. but I love watching the sea. the vastness of it. . The sound of waves crashing on the shore. .the small droplets of water splashing on your face. … standing by the shore wetting my feet..felt amazing! When the water recedes back from the feels as if it sweeps away all your worries with it along with the water.





After the serene Condilum Beach, we proceded to Calangute Beach. This Beach was totally crowded..lot of people….narrow lanes for local shopping. Didn’t spend much time here.

We quickly left to go to another happening Beach of Goa..Baga beach. Had lot of small shacks by the beach. .beautiful. Sit in anyone of these shack facing the Beach. .with a drink..a loved one by your side. . And life’s beautiful:)
We went to Brittos..a very famous shack.. known for its non-veg food and ambience.


And that’s how the day fled by:)

Will definately try to bring you more of Goa in coming days:)


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  1. Great post and photos. Goa is so much fun. I also wrote about my family holiday to Goa.

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